after researching various rtas choose two different rtas located in different regions and provide a comparative analysis of the various areas listed below

Regional trade agreements (RTAs) are a key fixture in international trade relations. Over the years RTAs have not only increased in number but also in depth and complexity. RTAs cover more than half of international trade and operate alongside global multilateral agreements under the World Trade Organization (WTO). Given the number of RTAs, there are a plethora of differences between them and yet they have one thing in common, the promotion of trade between nation states. After researching various RTAs, choose two different RTAs, located in different regions, and provide a comparative analysis of the various areas listed below. You may begin researching different RTAs by reviewing the following website: Welcome to the Regional Trade Agreements Information System.

NOTE: You cannot choose NAFTA or the European Union for this project.

Your research paper must contain all the following information:

1. Discuss when and why the RTAs were created. 2. Provide a list of the nations involved in the RTAs. 3. Discuss details associated with the application process in which each nation must engage to be considered for membership. 4. Describe and discuss the qualifications that nations need to meet to join the RTA. 5. Discuss the different types of memberships nation may hold within the RTAs. 6. Discuss why a nation’s membership may be rejected and what it can do to be reconsidered. 7. Provide an analysis of the benefits and the disadvantages of belonging to the RTAs. 8. Discuss whether the RTAs have successfully achieved their goals. 9. Determine which mitigating factors have stifled the success of the RTAs. 10. Provide insight into political, social, economic, and religious challenges that the RTAs have created. Recommend solutions to alleviate those issues.

Completed will provide-Annotated Bibliography – For the Annotate Bibliography you are expected to: • Demonstrate mastery of undergraduate-level writing skills. • Provide a list of 6 – 8 scholarly sources listed in current APA style. • Have a minimum of 100 words for each source.

  • A Title Page. • A Thesis Statement and Research Topic • A detailed outline of our final paper’s content.
  • Final Paper – The Final Paper must have: • 10–15 pages (not including the Reference pages, appendices, etc.)

    BUSI 464

  • Title Page • 1-inch margins • 12-point font • Double-Spacing • 6 – 8 scholarly journals in your reference list. (This is in addition to any popular source