Against increased gun control and gun laws


If you could please send me that as well as the final copy i would appreciate it.Creative title (be sure to capitalize correctly, don’t bold, put in quotes or underline, and it should NEVER be the title of the story you are writing about; it should reflect what you are writing about in your paper; it should make your readers want to read your paper so capture their atention Intro paragraph– OPENING (question, quote, statistic, anecdote, etc), brief summary of story, and thesis (should be underlined) Body paragraphs: Should begin with a clear topic sentence with a transitional phrase Should use quotes from reputable sources to back up what you are saying Should have proper MLA format for in text citations Remember, each body paragraph and each topic sentence should help support or prove your thesis You should have a minimum of 3 body paragraphs Conclusion: Begin with a general statement about your topic; do not begin with the words “in conclusion” or anything similar Restate the thesis (use different words and structure, but same exact idea as in the thesis) End with a Closer–whatever you used for an opener, your closer should “relate” back to that in some way; for ex: if you used a question–maybe you give the answer; if you used a quote, you should refer back to it; if you used an anecdote, maybe explain why or tell more of the anecdote You should also NOT use first person POV (EX: I think, we see, etc; basically you want to use pronouns in 3rd person–he she it they etc) You should have proper MLA format both WITHIN the body of the paper and on the works cited page You should use at least 2 outside sources