already done research just want someone to brush it up

I worked with someone here to do a research paper about a retail store called KOHL’S in the US, and the research wasn’t very professional. I’d like someone to go over the paper and kind of rephrase/change the words/ideas to make it sound more professional.



  • research about KOHL’S (
  • SWOT Analysis – Minimum 2 from each area. Please put this in paragraph form, do not use a table.
  • You may have to do a little more research online to complete.

-Example Questions (You do NOT have to use these in your paper)

  • Have you had to reduce employee hours or do any layoffs?
  • How is your business surviving at this moment?
  • What changes has the company made?
  • How is conflict handled?
  • Is your workforce diverse?
  • What motivates you to work here?
  • Describe the Leadership here?
  • How are important messages communicated?
  • What are the opportunities here?

Tell me what you know of the business beforehand and what you learned afterward