an incisive analysis of environmental communication 1

The Final Term Project: Your final task is to integrate your previous work withadditional inquiry and study as needed to produce an incisive analysis of environmental communication, complete with recommendations for maintaining or improving communication about the problem. Your group will produce a 10-12 page, double-spaced, well-documented paper, plus appendices. One of those appendices will contain the group’s use of the analytical results EITHER to(1) formulate an advocacy position on the problem that you studied OR (2) assess the rhetorical ecology of the public spheres where communication took place in terms of whether they enabled or restricted communication about the problem。

what I choose is the Finish the notes first please, then do the essay. Also I put the syllabus, first report, definition, and everything in the following document. Please read through the syllabus to see what I study and all of them and do it. Rubric is the most important one. Thank you!

I can not add the three previous report because it only allow 4 docs. I am going to upload it if you need it.

Thank you!