Analysis Overview

AnalysisOverviewFor this draft, you will write a 4-5 page academic paper.In the paper, you will go beyond summarizing sources in order to analyze and make connections between the concepts of genre, purpose, context, and rhetorical situation (exigence, audience, constraints) in the texts we’ve written and read. Rhetorical analysis ofpoems, music, or poems vis-à-vis music.You can be sure that in each of these political works, the author is making an argument of some sort, whether on an emotional level, or on a political level through their art.You are not restrained from using outside sources in this piece, but you are not required to do so.For this analysis, you will compare and contrast the 11 poems, and perhaps the article relating to music,from the 1619 Project.Use the “1619 Project” as a background or context for the analysis.•What genre(s) is the writer using? How do you recognize that genre? Why would they choose that genre?•What is the context?Why does this matter?•What is the rhetorical situation the writer is working with(and how does the 1619 Project figure into it)? How do they handle it?•What does the writer do to reach an audience?•How do these artifacts relate to each other? How do they differ?•How do they relate to the artifacts from which they derive?To help examine and analyze theseartifacts, you will use information you have learned, or concepts gleaned from Irvin and Dirk. Please use their scholarship along with your own thinking.(In other words, refer to their thinking and/or quote from the articles, with proper citation.)In addition to Irvin and Dirk, please avail yourself of Bitzer’s work, “The Rhetorical Situation.”Please refrain from taking each piece you’ve been assigned and summarizing each one. More interesting would be to compare each work in your own eyes. pdfProject 2p. 28 Clint Smithp. 42 Ewingp.43 Bettsp. 58 Jessp. 69 Woodsonp. 79 Bennettp. 84 Nottagep.85 Laymonp. 85 Smithpp. 60-67 Morris P/s: please help me with the title