analyze a song 1

4-5 pages. the essay consists with 5 structures

1. intro/ thesis, body paragraph (transitions), conclusion, at least 4 work cites.

2. support/wright of evidences

3. at the first/ lead-in with citation, parenthetical citations

4. title, format

5. grammar spelling punctuation.

Analyze a song. You should pick a song that is deeply meaningful and important to you. I ll pick one of these “Remember the name by Fort Minor, NUMB, by xxxtentacion, or One Day by Matysyah”. This paper should be a
minimum of 4 pages and include a minimum of 4 sources. Analyze the structure
and the meaning of the imagery of the song. Use personal experience to describe
why this song has meaning in your life. Strong sources for this essay are
interviews with the artists themselves and articles written by music critics
and journalists.