analyze a ted talk video

this is a two part assignment. please first do this Brainstorm:

Answer the following questions: (250 words minimum)

  • What is the author’s main argument? What are they trying to convince their audience to believe in?
  • What is the author’s purpose? If they are successful, how do they want their audience to act after leaving the TEDTalk?
  • Who is their target audience? Obviously, it’s people who are sitting in that room, but think bigger, real-world–who are they trying to reach? Who would care and benefit from their arguments?
  • What are 2 ways they develop/support their claim?
    • You can discuss argumentative techniques OR rhetorical appeals OR evidence choices here.
  • Read the assumption handouts, then identify 2 assumptions you think they made in their argument

and send me that document. then do the whole essay which is a 5 body paragraph essay with 3 body paragraphs. the prompt that is attached bellow has a well detailed outline of the most desirable way to structure them. there is not length limit but make sure you meet all requirements in the prompt 3-4 pages is probably good. follow MLA format double spaced 12 pt font. the link to the ted talk is attached bellow and the link to the annotated transcript is also there. please let me know if you have questions.

ted talk:


Please submit the Brainstorm and the Essay in separate documents. submit the brainstorm as soon as you finish it, prioritize this first please.