analyzing a story

analyzing a story topic: please include an instreasting topic or title for the essay Essay question : In 500 words, comment on The Death of Ivan Ilyich.(book from page 1-50) Use Ivan’s story to analyze what it is like to be a patient. Look at the different attitudes of Ivan and his doctors towards his disease. To read the story : main focus: This essay should focus on the point of that our life experience and environment or position (means job ) can shape our reaction to a disease. And give more details from the story for example because he is a jude and he is used to have the force all the time in his position let him behave that way he bahave when he was affected by the disease. Also, how is it feel to be sick ! how a person behave with himself and to others what is going to happen at this point of transition of being normal and then sick. Disease in this story is not affecting the person physically only but also emotionally and his social life ( give example) To conclude, how this is story is useful to a medical student?

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