annotated bibliography 746

annotated bibliography 746.


1. needs 200 words for the first paragraph, 125 words for the second paragraph, 125 words for the 3th paragraph.

2. With main claim, two or more sub-claim(reasons), the kinds of evidence and warrant CLEARLY in the first paragraph. (Follow the guideline)

3. PICTURE 013,its a checklist for the annotated bibliography, pls make sure finish everything.(IMPORTANT!!!)

Three articles need for the annotated bibliography. Each one comes with 450 words.

1.PDF File- Woody2019_Chapter_ViolenceAndCriminalPsychopathy.pdf…

2.PDF File- Pinto2018_Chapter_ConclusionShackledBodiesUnchai.pdf…

3. News- Don’t deny the link between serious mental illness and violence (Use the link for this article)…

annotated bibliography 746