annotated bibliography 857

For this assignment, you will need to briefly outline the subject you plan to explore in your research paper along with a potential thesis statement. This topic summary should be approximately 100 words. You should then construct an annotated bibliography of potential sources for your research essay. There should be at least 5 sources, all of them related to your topic. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations of your research—basically a list of the sources you are using in your paper. Each citation is followed by an annotation, a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph about the source (this annotation/paragraph should be approximately 150-200 words). The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.

Some things your annotations might include:
• Short summary of the main points made by the source
• Evaluation of the source for relevance to your topic
• Evaluation of the source for possible bias,
• If possible, an evaluation the authority, background, and education of the author(s),
• Comparison or contrast between this work and another you have cited.

Types of Sources:
• You will need at least 5 sources for the research paper so your annotated bibliography must contain 5 as well (you may utilize more than 5 sources in your paper but you are not required to have more than 5. If you do include more, they must be properly documented in the works cited and in the paper itself).
• Your sources should be credible and 2 of the 5 should be scholarly.
• No more than 2 should be “internet” sources (note: this does not mean that all sources you find online are “internet” sources; only sources that appear exclusively online are considered to be such. You can find scholarly sources and valuable material online that are NOT considered “internet” only sources.)
• Don’t simply choose sources that are “convenient” or pop up in a quick google search. Be SELECTIVE about your material.
• As you begin searching for sources for your research paper, I want to caution you about using the Internet. You may certainly use web sites as sources, but make sure that they are good web sites. Anyone can put up anything on a web page, so be careful. You want valid information from credible sources. For example, if you can’t find out who wrote the material or published the site or if you can’t find an organization that sponsors the site, then you may not have a very reliable source. Plus you will need this information for your works cited.
• Length and Format: In total the annotated bibliography should be at minimum 1,000 words. All entries should follow the guidelines for MLA documentation (See section in A Writer’s Reference.)

Example of a Citation and Annotation, from the University of Missouri Libraries website:

London, Herbert. “Five Myths of the Television Age.” Television Quarterly 10.1 (1982): 81- 89.

Academic Search Premiere. Web. 10 Oct. 2010.

Herbert London, the Dean of Journalism at New York University and author of several books and articles, explains how television contradicts five commonly believed ideas. He uses specific examples of events seen on television, such as the assassination of John Kennedy, to illustrate his points. His examples have been selected to contradict such truisms as: “seeing is believing”; “a picture is worth a thousand words”; and “satisfaction is its own reward.” London uses logical arguments to support his ideas which are his personal opinion. He doesn’t refer to any previous works on the topic; however, for a different point of view, one should refer to Joseph Patterson’s, “Television is Truth” (The Journal of Television 45 (6) November/December 1995: 120-135). London’s style and vocabulary would make the article of interest to any reader. The article clearly illustrates London’s points, but does not explore their implications, leaving the reader with many unanswered questions.