annotated biblography 12


One of the primary qualities that student work in this class is expected to demonstrate is an ability to back up the arguments being made with credible sources in a recognizable citation format. The Annotated Bibliography assignment is designed to help you develop your skills in identifying sources relevant to your topic and assessing these sources’ credibility along multiple metrics.

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations of reputable sources (e.g., articles and videos on the web) related to a topic – in this instance, the topic is related to the use of algorithm-based decision making. You will need to identify eight sources for your annotated bibliography related to one of the news items listed as part of the Algorithms Around Us assignment due later in the class.

A citation and a brief annotation should be provided for each source, and these entries should include a summary of the material along with assessments of the relevance, accuracy, currency, and quality of the information. The relevant and reputable sources you select for your topic and include in your Annotated Bibliography should be formatted according to APA guidelines – 6th edition (i.e., an annotated “Reference List”).