answer 4 questions should be about 2 pages and apa format

Here are the Questions for Chapter 9:

1. What are some physiological and neural indicators of lying? Which of these seems most likely to be an accurate indicator, and why?

2. Under what circumstances should lie detection technology be used? Of the three methods discussed (polygraph, EEG, and fMRI), which would you advocate for, and why?

Here are the Questions for Chapter 4:

1. Discuss some of the consequences of being prenatally exposed to alcohol, drugs, or both. Considering these consequences and the mother’s choice or compulsion to use alcohol, drugs, or both, is there a difference between the rights of the pregnant mother and those of her unborn fetus?

2. What are plausible and safe options for women who are addicts or substance abusers to pursue, in the event that they cannot exhibit self-control with regard to substance abuse? Should the state intervene, or is the matter entirely personal?