answer child development questions

This will require you to reflect on the classroom discussions and articles that we have covered in class. Please answer the following questions in thoughtful reflection about how these ideas have influenced your teaching practices (present and future).

Make sure all answers are accurate and at least 100 words. No plagiarism is acceptable.

1) We began our course with a beautiful verse about “Children Are Miracles”. by Anita Rui Olds . This message reminds us to always respect and honor the position we have with young children and their families. We are encouraged to believe that our children deserve so much more than just “minimums”. “Our children” being those in our classrooms and those in our lives. Please write about how this beginning has impacted your planning and interaction with children.

2) A very powerful article about “How Institutional Are You” made us take a closer look at how we plan our day with children and the rules we instill upon them. It is a good practice to keep asking ourselves the “why” of rules that we have in our classroom. What is the purpose of that rule? Are we doing it because “that’s the way we always have done it”? We should ask, Is it really necessary? Who does it benefit? Do we have this rule just to make things easy? Please write about a rule or practice that you reconsidered after discussing this article.

3) Some children spend most of their days in our care. We invite children into a space that we share with them. There are many things we can do to make the child feel that this wonderful place of discovery is theirs, and that they are welcome. Please write about what changes you can make in your environment that will make children feel like they belong here.

4)The article “Consider the Walls” addressed the issue of refraining from “Cute, cartoonish” decorations for the classroom. It strongly suggested using the space in your room (walls) to provide documentation of learning and reflecting children’s lives. Please write your thoughts on this concept. Did it make you look at your bulletin boards in a different way? Why or why not?