answer the following questions below 5

1) Based on your discussion response last week, compare and contrast the definition of masculinity you provided in response to the Week 2 discussion with that of college men’s definition as discussed in Part 3. In what ways was your definition similar to the definition provided by college men? In what ways were they different? discussion post from last week (Modern masculinity is the way the men act based on what they are supposed to be doing. Men adjusting to a better notion from ‘’ don’t feel ‘’ to “dare to feel’’. Modern masculinity means that men can stand against retroversion towards the ways theyacted in the past years. To be a man means that you have responsibilities in place, men are the breadwinners, bullies, strict, in control of women, vulnerable, stupid,andalone. Men are consideredto have no emotions, take charge, push people around, and stand up for themselves. In modern society, to be a man means the responsibilities fall on you, andthe actions monitoredto rate all other men)

2) Were the factors that influence college men’s definition of masculinity discussed in readings similar to the factors you identified in your initial post last week? Which factors were similar and which factors were different?

3) Do you agree with the definition of masculinity proffered by college men and the factors that influence masculinity? What elements do you agree with and why? What elements do you disagree with, and why?

4) Do you believe your definition needs revision based on the definition provided by college men? If so, explain how. If not, explain why not.