answer the two questions 11

Q1. Quick short answers:(From chapter 9&10)

  1. Why is Mr. Clyde angry at Ignatius?
  2. Why won’t people on the trolley sit next to Ignatius?
  3. How does Ignatius get scratches on his hand?
  4. What does he tell is mother about how he got them?
  5. What is Mancuso wearing when he meets Ignatius?
  6. What is Ignatius wearing when he meets Mancuso?
  7. What is Mrs. Levy doing with Miss. Trixie?
  8. What does the gay man say is his name, who shows up in the French Quarter?
  9. What do he and Ignatius plan to do?
  10. What is Mancuso dressed as now?
  11. What is going on in Pirates Alley?
  12. Who does Trixie look like after Mrs. Levy gets done with her?

Q2. essay question:(From chapter 11&12)

Things are ramping up. All the characters are there in one way or another. In what ways do they come together and what is the result?