answer these four short answer questions special topics strategic management there is no word count just as long as the question is fully answered

1-Evaluate the statement that: Strategic Information Systems can add business value to an organization through IT/IS. Your answer should include relevant case evidence that supports your arguments.

2-Discuss Earl’s Multiple Methodology, as a tool for assisting organizations to achieve a nexus between the strategic goals of the organization, and the current and future IT infrastructure of the organization.

3-Critically discuss what constitutes being a ‘good’ IT/IS Leader and IT/IS Professional in a contemporary and complex business world. Your answer should cover how organizations could develop the IT/IS leadership and professionalism of their staff.

4-Compare and contrast the issues and challenges that face strategic information systems planners in a large NHS Hospital with those of a large, profit focused manufacturing company which makes baby products. Your answer should clearly discuss the issues each sector (private and public) face when managing IT/IS strategically.