answering 11 questions

1. Explain the difference between mythos and logos world-views.

2. Why is Thales considered the first Western philosopher?

3. Who were the Pre-Socratics? Explain the major views of Parmenides, Heraclitus, and Pythagoras.

4. Explain the difference between a necessary and a sufficient condition.

5. Explain the difference between open and closed concepts.

6. What are the major periods of philosophy?

7. Name and explain the subject matter of the following major branches of philosophy: metaphysics (ontology), epistemology, logic, axiology, aesthetics, ethics.

8. What’s the difference between metaphysics and epistemology?

9. Why does Palmer compare philosophy to insanity?

10. What are the three fundamental principles of logic explained in the book? Explain the principle of non-contradiction; the principle of the excluded middle; the principle of identity. (The book isDonald Palmer, Does the Center Hold? (McGraw-Hill) )

11. Explain what a logical fallacy is and give an example.

* Try to avoid using answers from internet.