anth130 and geog

Anth 130: it’s once of week. there will assignments (like discussion and etc) , quiz and exams (that are not online (i try lol) ) Also you have to study for the exam and quizzes. Also you have to keep up with the class i recommend to do everything before the date due. there is alot of reading to do.

Geog 130: there will be assignments, quizzes and exams. the some quizzes require to watch videos and the othere you have to read. also recommend to finish everything be fore date due

you Have to get An A or B- to the the money for both classes

for this week you need to do for:


12.4. Virtual Lab: Why Bipedalism? (Graded Assignment)

and it will open on April 19

geog 13:

week 11:

This week is EXAM TWO. That is all you must complete this week. I have opened all the previous weeks so you can use the lecture videos to help you answer the instructor review questions and study (QUESTIONS FOR EXAM TWO.docx QUESTIONS FOR EXAM TWO.pdf).

YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS EXAM BY THE END OF THIS WEEK (end of week 12 at midnight on Sunday). There are three sections: one multiple choice section, one mapping section and one written section. You may take each independently, however, once you start one you must finish in the required time frame.


The unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in dictate that we must adjust our class to provide for exams 2 and 3 to be online instead of on-campus, however, don’t worry because we will continue to maintain the level of academic expectations that you have come to expect as college students.

Similar to our on-campus exams, the online exam will consist of 3 separate timed parts: one multiple choice and true-false section, one mapping section (in which you must match descriptions to locations on a series of maps) and one section that will require written responses. Since I realize there is no way to enforce a “closed-notes” exam I will instead assume that you will be accessing your class notes to fully answer the questions on the exam. With that in mind, the time limit and the details required of each question are designed to make sure that you have not only taken good notes but that you have also reviewed these notes thoroughly so that you know not only where to find the answers in your notes but how to actually put the notes into your own words. In other words, you will of course not have time to watch the individual lecture videos but you will also not have time to try to figure out what your notes really mean; if you do not study and understand your notes and the answers to the review questions before starting the exam then you will not have time to succeed. Also, be sure not to plan on simply looking things up on the internet since the answers will be very specific to our class notes and any instance of using “googled” answers will result in a zero on the exam.

Do not start a section of the exam until you are fully prepared to finish it in one sitting. Be sure that your computer is in good working order for the duration of the exam, unfortunately, if you have technical issues and can’t complete the exam within the time frame then I’ll have to “assume the worst” and the chance to make-up the exam will require some an extreme situation corroborated with documentation.