8) Anthropologists have emphasized a global perspective that enables them to

consider the biological environmental, psychological, economic, historical,

social and:

A) to predict the future

B) even submerged continents

C) the extraterrestrial record

D) cultural conditions of humans at all times and in all places

11) One of the most important tool types invented by Homo erectus was the:

A) Acheulian hand axe

B) Clovis projectile point

C) Neolithic grinding stone

D) Mousterian hammerstone

18) Colorful paintings of bison, deer, and other animals in caves were made by:

A) Homo erectus

B) modern Homo sapiens

C) Neanderthals

D) australopithecines

32) Psychological anthropologists take it for granted that:

A) psychological conditions are primarily organic in nature

B) no two cultures are similar in the way they perceive the world

C) all humans think alike and share the same emotions

D) emotional functioning can vary widely in different cultures

39) The methodology Morgan used to investigate foreign cultures included:

A) training students as ethnographers

B) excavating ancient archaeological sites

C) the distribution of questionnaires by travelers and missionaries

D) participant observation of societies on South Pacific islands

43) According to White’s theory of the evolution of sociocultural systems, the

most highly evolved culture would be one:

A) using nuclear energy to generate electricity

B) with industries powered by coal and steam

C) based on the use of human labor alone

D) dependent upon animals to pull plows

79) One of the principal beliefs of the Ghost Dance movement was that:

A) Hawaii would be ruled again by traditional chiefdoms

B) white people would go away

C) indigenous people would go to battle against ghosts

D) the world would come to an end

80) Cargo cults were successful at:

A) increasing foreign exports

B) getting importation of soft drinks to Melanesia

C) driving away Western settlers

D) mobilizing political resistance against colonial powers

82) The concepts of rising expectations and relative deprivation are most useful

in explaining ________ in Latin America.

A) processes of religious syncretization

B) revolutionary movements

C) the elimination of formal social categories

D) the growth of haciendas

83) For 2004, the annual per capita income in Nigeria was:

A) $1000

B) $13,600

C) $9675

D) $1250

84) The so-called “culture of poverty” does not exist where poor people:

A) receive support, such as welfare, from a central government

B) work primarily as seasonal, migrant laborers

C) see no end to their marginal economic existence

D) are provided with real opportunities for social mobility

85) The monarchy of Thailand was successful in:

A) avoiding all Western influence

B) adopting some Western innovations and playing the British against the


C) protecting neighboring countries from colonization

D) developing an exclusive trade relationship with the British Empire

93) During stage one of the demographic transition both fertility and mortality are

high, resulting in minimal population growth. In stage two fertility continues

to be high, but mortality rates decline, as a result of which the population:

A) usually goes extinct within a few generations

B) tends to increase in size rapidly

C) ceases to grow and starts to decline

D) remains rathe