Any Issues and Controversies

 Description p doublespaced plus references (Works Cited) page, 12 point font Organization: your final research paper must have the following sections — a) introduction (background of topic of your main article for readers who are unfamiliar with your topic); b) summary of main article, including the author’s argument (statement and proof offered to support that statement); c) analysis – address the following: how did the author use ethos, logos, and/or pathos in his/her argument?; did the author give adequate support for his/her claim?; would you add anything to make his/her argument stronger? did the author leave out any important information that contradicts his/her argument?) analysis must also include comparison of 3 points from your text to at least 4 research sources, including at least one source that takes a different viewpoint from the one in your main argument; d) conclusion: what was your overall evaluation of the author’s argument? was it effective or ineffective, and why?; any final thoughts or comments you have about the main article. Don’t use Abortion Or legalization of Weed.