Are Criminals considered Mentally Il


For your essay, you will be defining an idea, process, trend, etc. within our society and providing an example of this concept within your essay. A key objective is to argue whether something does or does not fit comfortably within a given definition. You are essentially arguing whether or not one term (x) is a member of another class or category (y).Your thesis will be set up as follows: X is (is not) a Y. Completing the argument involves establishing criteria for your “y-term” and determining whether or not your “x-term” meets those criteria. Your topic needs to spark disagreement or controversy. There is no point in writing about something that is agreed upon. Your essay needs to include the following: 1.) A clear claim involving a question of definition, 2.) a general definition acceptable to readers, 3.) an examination of your claim in terms of the accepted definition and all of its criteria, 4.) evidence for every part of the argument, and 5.) a consideration of alternative views and any counterarguments. Your argument should include an example of pathos (emotion), ethos (authorial credibility), and logos (reason). The essay must be in MLA format, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and have one-inch margins on all sides. The essay should be at least three pages long and be no more than four pages. A paper less than the required page length will receive a 20 point deduction. The essay must have an introduction, body (with a minimum of four paragraphs), and a conclusion. You are required to use four sources in your essay and provide appropriate MLA documentation to include a reference page and in-text citations.