Argue how grammar is necessary in the English Language

 Write an argumentative paper that proves your thesis statement by providing the reader with developed and specific examples and includes direct quotes from research. Two (2) sources are required. Requirements: 1. The minimum word count for this essay is at least 1000 words The minimum word count does not include the heading, outline, title, or work cited page. Keep in mind a well-developed argument is often well over the minimum. 2. Include an MLA heading with your name, the instructor’s name, the course and section, and date on the first page of the paper above the title and introduction. The font should be 12 point. Arial is the easiest to read font. See more about creating an effective title in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources module in content or click this direct link Title. 3. Include a clear and developed introductory paragraph that contains an argumentative thesis statement. See more about thesis statements and introduction in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources. 4. Include at least two or more body paragraphs unified by clear topic sentences and focused on proving the thesis through the development/illustration of specific examples. See more about body paragraphs in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources. 5. You must incorporate a direct quote from one of the articles we have addressed in class discussion during this module. This quote must be introduced and incorporated into your own sentence. It must include an in-text citation in MLA format and a sentence afterwards that clearly relates the material to your own argument. 6. Include a conclusion that brings closure to your entire paper. See more about the 3 basic parts of a conclusion and what to avoid in the Essay Basics section of the Writer’s Resources. 7. Include a Work Cited page as the last page of the document for your selected sources in proper MLA format. At least two (2) sources are required. 8. Submit your paper to the appropriate Dropbox.