argumentative essay humanity class

(Great English is a must)

(5 Pages, APA Format)

(Choose the subject from the attached word file)


Subject of the paper: Humanity Class

Requirement: In the attached word file you have 7 subjects (they are under the form of questions). Your role is to select ONE out of these 7 subjects and write a 5 pages essay. So you are free to choose which question you want to write about. The tasks require you to understand the subject as you will have to answer in your essay those questions. This needs to be an argumentative essay which means a thesis should be presented.

Other information: Your essay should be double spaced, and printed in 12 point normal font. It should be written in the form of an argument. Focus on structure. So make sure you’ve got an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs that support the thesis, and a concluding paragraph that draws a conclusion. The conclusion should not be identical to your thesis, but it should extend the thesis in some way. I will ask you to scaffold on this assignment. So we’ll start with an introduction, a works cited page, the first body paragraph, and so forth. These will be homework assignments, and you will get homework credit for scaffolding. Aim to write 5 pages, with a works cited page attached. Use MLA or APA format for your citations.


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted
  • The attached document represents the subjects. Choose one out of 7 and write an essay which answers all the questions.

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


Thank you for your support