Argumentative research essay about animals experimentation

*Essay information: Essay Assignment 3 – Argumentative Research Essay For the Argument Research paper you will choose a controversial topic from the list below, pick a side, and research it. You will try to persuade your reader that your viewpoint is logical and valid. You will do this through solid evidence from outside sources and recognizing and refuting an opposing viewpoint (view of the other side).You may want to give the history of the issue, give the relevant material pertaining to the topic (facts, statistics), and address any changes in the topic over time. Refer to the “Essay 3 – Argument Topics” below. For this paper you will need: 1) Controversial topic – (Pick one topic from the list below.) 2) Take a side on the issue 3) Include a strong introduction with an attention-getter 4) Create a Thesis Statement a. Clearly states the controversial topic b. Clearly states your position on the issue (for or against) c. Includes your main points of support for the topic 5) Include background information on the topic if necessary a. This will typically be a paragraph or shorter and is only to be used to help your reader understand your topic if necessary 6) Research at least 1-2 scholarly or academic sources from the Library Databases/books to use in your paper a. there must be ONE to TWO scholarly sources from EBSCO or other HCC library databases/resources/books. Do not use Google, Bing, Wiki, etc. for sources. b. Successfully and effectively incorporate them into your paper c. Use internal citations when quoting material or using data – use a minimum of two-four quotes d. Create a works cited page 7) Recognize an opposing viewpoint and refute a. Only have to recognize one opposing viewpoint 8) Offer a course of action or a solution/proposal in your conclusion, and offer a thought for further discussion on your topic.