Art as investigation Research Paper

Topic wanted/chosen: 1. What is the relationship between Andy Warhol and fame? (MAIN discussion) 2. What is the relationship between Andy Warhol’s pop art movement and the 1960s situation in New York? 3. What distinguishes Andy Warhol from other Pop Artists? 4. Description of Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans” 5. Andy Warhol’s friendship with Jean-Michel Basquiat and their influence on each other Essay Instructions: Write a 7-10 page essay in which you research a focused topic related to this theme. Consider the texts we have read and discussed together in class, texts in which individuals have examined the historical value of different artists’ work, genre and practice, as well as their own personal relationship to it. This kind of essay offers us an opportunity to learn extensively. In some sense, you are doing the work of becoming an expert, developing a specific angle of inquiry in a specialized field. Through your research, you should be learning interesting news. Once you decide a field of study in the visual arts (Photographic Realism, Abstract Expressionism, Picasso, etc.) then focus your topic more specifically to a specialized area of study: a specific discovery or problem in the field, a significant figure or event, an artistic question or theory. The more you research, the more focused your topic should become, highlighting a specific decade and place. For this essay you must use at least 7-10 sources written by professionals in their field of study to cite throughout the essay and include in a Works Cited page. These must be print, and not online sources. You may use more than 10 sources, but at least 2 should be scholarly sources and dated within the last 12 years. Be sure to document your sources correctly and include an MLA style Works Cited page. As you develop your research, you should focus a research question to drive your purpose. For example, an initial research question might be: What is the relationship between Salvador Dalí and religious iconography? What is the relationship between Picasso’s art and violence? What is the relationship between Goya and the Spanish Revolution? What is the relationship between Cubism and World War I? What is the relationship between Frieda Khalo’s self-portraiture and her health?