art discussion 32

This week we’re learning about site specific art, and in this week’s discussion, we’re going to focus on installation art in particular. The Guggenheim Museum defines site specific art as,

“Site-specific or Environmental art refers to an artist’s intervention in a specific locale, creating a work that is integrated with its surroundings and that explores its relationship to the topography of its locale, whether indoors or out, urban, desert, marine, or otherwise.”

In this week’s discussion, go to the Guggenheim’s webpage about site specific work, which you can find here. Browse through the various works they list and choose one to discuss. Each one has a short essay written about it, so you will not be in short supply of information. Discuss your chosen piece, and consider the following questions:

  • What materials did the artist use?
  • What kind of space is the artist utilizing?
  • What makes that work of art a site specific piece?
  • Is there a specific message or point to the piece? Don’t just guess with this. The information will be available in the essay, or with a little research through Google on your part.
  • Why did (in your opinion) the artist choose to create an installation rather than a sculpture or some other type of work of art? Does the site-specific aspect of the piece support the message?
  • How do you think your opinion or view would change if you were able to experience this piece in person?

As usual, these posts should be at least 150 words,