art discussion 35

Objects that cross the art-craft line often began as basic and necessary items: pottery (containers, cooking), textiles (clothing, bedding) and glass (jewelry, windows). As craftspeople and artists continued to create these items, the designs became more expressive or have additional meanings. Craftspeople or artisans create fine crafts with clay, enamel, fibers, glass, jewelry, wood, and metals; these items may be functional and/or decorative. Glass, fiber, and wood craftspeople may have once created items only for practical use, but now their work has moved into the field of art because of the skill and creativity the artists put into their work.

Now consider the items in your home. Do you have an item that would adhere to the qualities of “fine craft”? These often include heirlooms, precious vases, artifacts from a travel experience, and decorative items that could be used, but probably aren’t because they’re too fragile, expensive, or precious. If you don’t have something you would consider “fine craft,” just choose an item that you’re fond of that falls under the parameters of craft: mugs, vases, platters, casserole dishes, and furniture can all fit this criteria.

Describe and/or photograph the item(s) you’ve chosen.

  • What would its purpose be?
  • Why is it in your home in the first place? Where do you keep it in your home?
  • How was it made? What material was used for its creation?
  • Where did you get it? Is there any emotional attachment to this piece?
  • Do you notice any parallels between the piece you chose from your home and some of the items we’ve discussed this week in your reading or your videos?

As usual, your initial post is due by Wednesday, and should consist of at least two full paragraphs (150 words).