ART OF THE ANCIENT WORLD gallery. Section #1 In the next few pages describe the work in great detail. What is shown? What materials were used? What kinds of colors are involved, if any? What kind of pose or composition can you see? If it is a painting, describe the light and brushwork. If it is a sculpture, describe what its surface looks like, i.e. texture. Use lots of adjectives so that you fully describe the work. Notice as many details as you can “ be specific. Section #2 Next should be an analysis of what you think the artist was trying to convey by all the visual elements you just described. For this section try to think of a theme or main idea that seems to summarize the artwork’s main effect. Explain how you think the artist communicated that theme through visual qualities. There is no artist in this case, but you must talk about the ruler who built this gate. Section #3 Next, place the artwork in its historical context. In other words, explain how the qualities that you wrote about relate to typical characteristics of the period to which it belongs. You may want to mention other works of art that we have studied in class. Feel free to consult your textbook for this section. Section #4 On the last page explain why you chose the work you chose and what you like about it.

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