article of the week

Article of the Week

In this challenging time it is important to be aware of current events.

Each week (or so assigned on canvas) you are to find an article from what you find to be a credible source (No Onion or such), read it thoroughly, and fill out this form, then submit this form to canvas.

I should be able to find the article again (via the URL in the source listed) and I should get a good idea of the article by reading this form. It should also be a current article (meaning published in the last two months).


Title of Article(1)__________________________________

Source (This can be a URL) (1)________________________

1.Where is the event/ topic taking place? (1)

2. What is the specific conflict,claim, event, or topic being discussed? (1)

3. Summarize the article in your own words. Must be more than 5 sentences. (5)

4. What is your opinion of the article…do you like it, find it interesting…..? (1)