artificial neural network ann and chemical process modeling 1

Q1) Neural networks have been used as an alternative to the traditional mathematical models to simulate complex patterns. The simplicity of their implementation makes them appropriate for modeling various complicated processes. Neural computing is largely motivated by the possibility of creating an artificial computing network similar to the brain and nerve cells in human body. Recent advances in neuroscience and in computers have sparked a renewed interest in neural network models for problem-solving.

Briefly describe about the techniques, algorithm, architecture, methodology, application and significance of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) practiced in emerging areas of scientific research.

Q2)Chemical process modeling is a computer modeling technique used in chemical engineering process design. It typically involves using purpose-built software to define a system of interconnected components, which are then solved so that the steady-state or dynamic behavior of the system can be predicted. Discuss the applications of Process Modeling in Process Design with suitable examples.

(*Hint: Refer research journal articles related to the advanced treatment technologies, waste management as well as Environmental Impact Assessment]

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