Assessment and Evaluation Theories, Models, and Frameworks

For this assignment, first provide a definition of the terms assessment and evaluation , along with an explanation of the roles and goals of each term.

Then choose one assessment or evaluation theory, framework, or model to use as the basis for the remainder of this assignment. You may choose one of the following or select one that is not listed.

Logic Models.
Decision-Oriented Models such as CIPP, Client-Centered Models.
Assessment Models.

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Constructivist Models.
Quality Assurance Models – Either Total Quality Management or Continuous Quality Improvement.
Accreditation Model (Evidence-Based Evaluation).
Models for Evaluating Online Learning Environments.
For the theory, framework or model you have selected, provide an overview of the history of the theory, framework or model, and an analysis of the major concepts. In what situation or under what conditions would this theory, framework or model be most appropriate? Why?

The assignment you submit should be 3–5 pages in length not including title page and reference page, and follow APA style and formatting. You may use your unit readings as resources, but you must also reference at least 3 peer-reviewed resources not required as part of your course readings.

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