Assessment Strategies Case Study

Topic: Assessment Strategies Case Study Assessment Strategies: Describe how you would assess the trauma victim presented in this case study. Based on chapter 3 of Principles of Trauma Therapy by John Briere PhD and Catherine Scott M.D. Sage Publications 2006 1. You will need to describe the assessment strategies you would use for a specific case study. 2. Your written response should be 2-3 pages in length. 3. Include in your response specific types of questions and assessment tools you would use for the situation. Client: Susan Vang Background Information: Susan is a 13-year-old girl at the middle school. She is the oldest of five children. Her mom is a stay at home mom, and her dad works for a local factory. They are a traditional American-Hmong family residing in a suburban area. Grandma and Grandpa also live in their small home. Susan has much responsibility at home to help care for her younger siblings and to help with household chores. She is not involved in extra-curricular activities at school because she is needed at home after school. She appears to have some friends at school but does not report socializing with them outside of the school setting. She is a smart girl with a 3.8 grade-point average. Presenting Problem: Susan was referred to you by several of her classroom teachers. She presents with low affect and appears to be more withdrawn recently. She shuts down completely when class discussion relates to the family in any way. When confronted about it, she did report to a teacher that her father is physically abusive. On more than one occasion she has had bruises related to belt beatings by her father. She told the teacher that she had not told anyone about the abuse but that it had been going on for over a year CRAZY OFFER!!! ASSIGNMENTS COMPLETED FOR FREE!! GET THIS ASSIGNMENT DONE FOR FREE NOW, JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER AND DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT: WE WILL COMPLETE THE PAPER FIRST BEFORE YOU PAY AND YOU PAY ONLY AFTER YOU RECEIVE AND APPROVE YOUR COMPLETED PAPER! IF YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSED, WE WILL NOT ASK ANYTHING FROM YOU! WHAT ELSE WE WILL DELIVER IT WITHIN YOUR SPECIFIED TIME FROM 3 HOURS TO 10 DAYS DEADLINE. THIS IS ONLY A LIMITED OFFER! TAKE ADVANTAGE!!

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