Assessments in Organizations

Testing/Assessments in Organizations  The current fiscal year for College Search Wizard has been challenging due to poor customer service and subsequent lost revenue. There has been an influx of new Phone Bank Operators with varying personalities, which has precluded them from effectively developing a rapport with clients. The interaction between Phone Bank Operator and Client is critical to the organization’s success; therefore, you have been hired as a consultant by College Search Wizard to develop an assessment program to improve customer service. The program must address both potential new hires (i.e., job candidates) and existing Phone Bank Operators. Discuss the factors that must be considered before choosing an assessment including who, how, when, where, and why the measure will be administered. Select a published personality assessment (i.e., measure) designed as a valid predictor of performance for the Phone Bank Operator position. Create an action plan and explain how it promotes a reliable, valid, and effective assessment administration process. Provide a Summary section at the end of the paper designed to “sell” your program to company leadership. Include a copy of your assessment instructions and questions as an Appendix in your paper. This paper should be an APA Style paper including cover page, section headings, and reference list, with supporting evidence from the text and peer-reviewed research articles