assignment 23 1

Using the articles and videos in the Module, answer the following questions and submit to me via Canvas.

  • What does it mean to “Build Connections with Lenders”?
  • What does it mean to “Train your Customers”
  • Give an example of “Shrinking your Cash Flow”.
  • Identify the two types of financing for new capital and give an example of each.
  • Define the term “ROBS” and “HELOC” and how they are used to finance a small business
  • What document should be signed when borrowing money from friends and/or family?
  • What products are most popular when seeking crowd source funding?
  • What is an advantage and disadvantage of obtaining funding from Angel investors or Venture Capitalists?
  • What is the primary difference between Equity and Debt financing?
  • Define the term “Burn rate”.