Assignments/Major Research Paper On Global Leadership

3. Assignments/Major Research Paper On Global Leadership
Each student will be required to submit a paper on Leadership, at a date to be announced d during the 2nd half of the semester This paper should be 15 – 25 double spaced typewritten pages and relate leadership theory to its practical application as demonstrated by leaders perceived as positive and negative by the student. Your professor theorizes that we learn as much or more from poor leadership as we do from good. Students should select one example of each and justify their choices based upon leadership theory discussed in class and provided by your text book. The paper might address the following:

Transformational and Transactional Leadership
Charismatic Leadership
Vision, Mission and PLOC – the four functions of leadership
Espoused Theory versus Theory in Use
Leadership Biases
Authentic vs. Inauthentic Leadership
The effects of Leadership – good and bad – on dependent and independent variables.
The effects of recognition and reward systems on leader and follower behavior.
Impact of Culture on Leadership.

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