Audience Analysis Exercise

Audience Analysis Exercise This is an Audience Analysis Exercise , for my Multimedia Writing classThe San Pedro River in Southern Arizona is a protected area that provides much of the water for residents and businesses throughout the region. Most notable of users is Fort Huachuca one of the largest employers in South Arizona and one of the driving economic forces in the state. You are a communications consultant hired by the fort to disseminate information regarding water usage, quality, and conservation. You have been directed to develop an emergency message plan in case the water aquifer is accidentally tainted by the army or any of their civilian contructors. Your Emergency message plan should be that one of the contractors failed to follow proper procedure and was dumping the site’s porta potties, Reference into the aquafier. Identify as your primary audience the Military, somebody at the top. Then identify your secondary audiences. Define the scope of need for each audience, and why each is important to the success of your communication plan. An Example on how should be written; Audience and Purpose Primary audience¦..(name, title) Secondary audience(s)¦. Relationship with audience Purpose of document Audience and purpose statement Intended use of document..(.solve problem, tasks¦) Information needs¦.(background, basic facts¦.) Technical background Cultural considerations Probable questions Please also write a Summary of each audience . I will be graded on the throughness ability to identify/characterize the audiences and their interest in my emergency problem. Please do your best!!! Style of this homework is like last time: Title Font Verdana Font size 14pt centered all caps bold Subheadings font verdana Font size 12 pt Paragraph font Lucinda bright font size 10pt Spacing 1.5 Left justified Paragraph heading font verdana font size 10.5pt Page number center.

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