Aviation Law

Description In Module 8, you will submit a 12 to 15-page (including cover page & references), double-spaced research paper in APA format, using the rubric in Module 8 as a guide. You will identify current issues, regulations, and practices, and address related legal considerations on your chosen topic, using proper legal terminology throughout. You must cite at least 5 references, one of which can be our textbook, if applicable. Review the ASCI 404 Research Paper TopicsPreview the document, and choose a topic. If you propose an alternative topic for approval by your instructor, your outline must show that your approach will relate that topic to at least 5 of the course Learning Outcomes listed in the course syllabus and that it will require the same level of inquiry and legal analysis as these.  Formally present your topic selection and 100-word abstract to your professor in this activity. Your abstract should provide an overview of the theme and objectives of your paper. Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters. I need 100 word abstract and topic selection done by next week.