Behavior and Social Culture

Behavior and Social Culture Select one of behavior (Nourishment, Reproduction, defense, playing). 2. Construct a correlation H.B¦¦..Pre-human B 3. Share with group. 4. Apply Theory: H.B. Evolves from simple to complex, through adaptation. Introduction: All reports must begin with an introduction, this is a purpose statement or paragraph, essentially it introduces what you have discussed with the group and must always contain the following elements, unless otherwise instructed. 1. A hypothesis of a correlation between a specific behavior and a social structure. 2. Mention that this correlation has been verified by a group discussion. 3. Select a theory from the text that you have studied and that you will apply to the correlation. II. Explain Correlation: Explain your Correlation, briefly describing the behavior you have observed or read about and why you think it correlates to the chosen general social structure. III. Group Input: Explain how and why your group verified your correlation, quoting members when and if needed. IV. Theory: Name, briefly define the theory, and apply it to your correlation. V. (Optional): Give your own opinion (Philosophical (Ethical), or Theological (Moral) about the case study and discussion.

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