bi roster business intelligence

Steel Wheels is struggling in delivering data to the right people at the right time to facilitate the decision-making process and align key objectives and business processes to the organization’s strategy. To overcome these challenges, Steel Wheels needs a BI tool/application suite that offers flexibility in reporting and analysis for the different BI stakeholders and users in the organization. As the BI Manager, create a formal BI Roster. This BI Roster should identify and consolidate the various BI stakeholders and users of the proposed BI solution in Steel Wheels. The roster should include the type of BI user, the role of the user in the BI program and in the organization, and the type of BI tool that they will use. This roster should include the purpose of the various BI tools and how users will use these tools in Steel Wheels to facilitate the decision-making process. The roster should also include a description of the business need for the BI tool (why they need the BI tool?). Use the provided BI Roster Tool to create your BI Roster.