Black In Latin AMerica

Black In Latin AMerica Write a well-developed and well-supported essay in which you analyze one important theme, or big issue from our œBlack in Latin America film. Describe that issue in detail, give the proper historical background and discuss why the ways that issue is important for our understanding of this very important topic. Examples of themes that these films deal with: 1) how does the slave trade affect each of those countries-Brazil, Haiti,the Dominican Republic? 2) In what ways do African cultures (music, dance, language¦)reshape those countries? Discuss in light of œtransculturation;3) How does each nation define œblackness and what are some consequences of that?(these are but 3 examples of the themes that these films deal with-there are lots more). Describe in detail this big theme that you chose; give the proper historical background; and tell us why it is important for the study of the Americas. Only has to be about 2 paragraphs long with good detailed information. Link to video:

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