BLAW 2911: Commercial Law

BLAW 2911: Commercial Law

The method you will use to answer spot the issue(s) questions in this course is known as the IRAC formula. BLAW 2911: Commercial LawThe IRAC formula presents a structured way for you to organize your thinking and your answer. The formula contains the following steps:
F (Facts): Read the case and state the facts and nothing but the facts.
I (Issues): Identify the legal issue(s) succinctly, each in one short sentence. Sample wording could be: “…whether or not there has been a breach of contract…”, etc. Use a bullet format. Use citations were applicable. No further comments are required.
R (Rule – The Law): Identify the law that applies to the issue(s). This may arise from legislation or from common law. For example, negligence.

A (Critical Analysis):

Apply reflective thought and critical analysis to the facts and the application of the law. (This is where the money is!!!) For example, if the tort of negligence was an issue, e.g., “…whether or not there was negligence…” you would have a discussion proving or disproving there was 1) a duty owed, 2) that a breach of that duty took place, 3) and that as a result, damages flowed – three essential elements of negligence.

BLAW 2911 Commercial Law: 

Students examine the legal environment in which businesses operate and how common law, provincial and federal government statutes influence decision making. Topics include the legal system and the law relating to torts, contracts, forms of business organization, agency, sale of goods, consumer protection, real estate, intellectual property, and employment.