Blog Graded B, Following these readings, Potential questions for each assignment are: 1-All cites are must be from the readings!!! not from other internet side please! 2-All these readings need to done by these questions What do you think the author is trying to say? Be specific and cite. Are there any portions of the text that require clarification? Did you see a connection with any other text we have read this term? Be specific and cite How does cultural context influence the text? Does it change your understanding of the text? Why or Why not? Be specific and cite. Rev. William Flippin, Jr., €œUbuntu: Applying African Philosophy in Building Community,€ Huffington Post. william-e-flippin-jr/ubuntu-applying-african-p_b_1243904.html Video: €œUmbuntu,€ The Global Oneness Project Lamia Aziz. 2009. €œGilgamesh: The Hero of Mesopotamia.€ Master€„¢s Thesis, Auckland University of Technology: 1-69*. The Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet I-IV (pp. 1-39)

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