Boss I Think Someone Stole our Customer Data

Boss I Think Someone Stole our Customer Data Paper details: Case Study Assignments ” Required Format USE ONLINE SOURCES ONLY. Please use the following format for your 3-page Case Study Assignments. The purpose of these exercises is to be analytical. Try to put yourself within the environment of the company and situation. Be specific in your focus“ find something intriguing or explicit that you want to focus on ” and keep the scope realistic and manageably narrow. Section I Problem statement What is the overriding issue you want to address in your analysis? Frame it in such a way that calls for action-oriented solutions Section II Facts What are the facts that bear on the problem you’ve identified? What is working well, what isn’t? Section III Analysis What potential solutions or alternatives are available? Support your position with relevant and cogent arguments. Section IV Recommendations How can your recommendations be implemented? Summary and final thoughts

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