Brainstorm Audiences who read procedures or instructions manuals range from new employees or novice users to the experienced; or even those who need a refresher on a certain procedure or instruction. Reflect on a procedures or instructions manual you have found helpful in the past to serve as a starting point for brainstorming ideas. Complete the following for this assignment: ¢ Brainstorm and share at least 2 ideas that you want to choose for your procedures or instructions manual topic. ¢ Research the library and the Internet for information about guidelines and suggestions for organizing a procedures or instructions manual. . ¢ Share your findings of the guidelines and suggestions that will help you develop your manual. ¢ Describe how you will adapt the guidelines and suggestions to develop your procedures or instructions manual discuss the strengths of the selected guidelines for providing the information that various audiences will require. ¢ Discuss how you will use the guidelines and suggestions in the creation of your procedures or instructions manual. ¢ Include the reference/s.

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