Brown v. Board of Education

Brown v. Board of Education EVALUATE BROWN v. Board of Education. What it included, who it was about, complications that arose from it, its relevance today, why this case came about, the history of the case, etc. Use 5 sources with in text citations. Paper must be type written and clearly printed, double spaced, with 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font and stapled in the left hand corner. Papers must be numbered in the right hand corner of the page “ starting with 1 on the first page of text. Eliminate wasted space between paragraphs. All papers should have a word count listed on the last page of text prior to the bibliography. Citations: Papers must be properly documented “ this includes both a bibliography and in text citations. Footnotes will not be accepted. If in doubt about when/where to cite “ see the writing guide on Blackboard. Papers must use Chicago style citation format. See link here for citation guide: Style: Paper needs a descriptive title and your name. No title page required. Each paper needs introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The introduction should include a thesis statement and/or research question as appropriate. The conclusion should provide a strong final impression. Each paragraph should have a minimum of 3 sentences and should be topical. Paragraphs should not be a page long. As a whole, it should be easy to identify the main idea or purpose of the piece. The entire piece should be cohesive and organized. Language should be clear and fluent. Address any ambiguous or vague words.

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