bsn level specialty certification


In this paper, you will be exploring a BSN level specialty certification. As you continue in your education, be also looking for certifications and other recognition in nursing that will promote your career, bring you some confidence, help your facility through accreditation, and launch you into the nursing profession. Since this module was on informatics, I gave some information on that specialty in the lecture. You will choose a specialty that you are interested in and research the process of becoming certified. Some certifications do require masters level education. I want you to focus on certifications that are available for the BSN nurse. Your paper will be submitted to the drop box and will address:

1. why get certified? 2. what certification fits for you and why? 3. what education, practice hours, or experience will you need to be eligible for this certification? 4. is there employer support for this certification? 5. when is the ideal time to complete this education and certification?

The paper will be written in APA style and consist of the following: • Cover page and a minimum of 4 references. • body of paper 2 to 3 pages in length double spaced.

FyI, I want 2 pages to make the cost cheaper.