buddhasim report

buddhasim report.


Read the introduction, "Fundamentals" from Robert Aitken's book, Taking the Path of Zen.
Zen-Aitken.pdf in this module on elearning. Robert Aitken was an American Zen Buddhist teacher
who established a Zen meditation group called the Diamond Sangha in Hawaii.
His writing is clear and aimed at an audience of beginning students.

Aitken discusses several topics that we have learned in the unit so far, including:
* The Narrative of the Buddha's Life (pages 3-6)
* Meditation (pages 7-8; and 10-12)
* The "Self" (pages 8-10)

As you read through the piece, take notes on what his main points are.
Notice that Aitken uses material from the narrative of the Buddha's life, from Theravada Buddhism
and from Zen Buddhism
_x000D_ Use the lecture notes and the Buddhism chapter of your coursepack to think_x000D_ about his ideas. Do NOT use outside sources for the report: use the reading and course materials only. _x000D_ _x000D_ Writing the Essay

Write an essay of 1.5-2 pages about Aitken's introduction._x000D_ _x000D_ First 2 paragraphs: factual information_x000D_ _x000D_ Your first two paragraphs should be factual - briefly describe the author's main points_x000D_ point of view._x000D_ _x000D_ Last 1-2 paragraphs: analysis

In the final two paragraphs of your essay discuss the idea of unity and diversity in Buddhism.
How does Aitken use materials from different types of Buddhism to express his ideas to American students?
_x000D_ Cite your sources

When you use an idea or information from the article, you should_x000D_ cite the source with an inline citation at the end of your sentence: name of the author,_x000D_ date of publication, and page number, for example: (Aitken 1982, 3).

You may also cite the lectures for the course: (Riggs 2019)

Or the coursepack textbook: (Riggs and Schuetz, 2018, 25)
_x000D_ At the end of the paper give the correct bibliographic format in a "Works cited" list,_x000D_ formatted like this:_x000D_ _x000D_ WORKS CITED_x000D_ _x000D_ Aitken, Robert. 1982. Taking the Path of Zen. San Francisco: North Point Press.

Riggs, Diane. 2019. "Buddhism, Lecture 2." REL 1000-100. Kalamazoo: Western Michigan University.

Riggs, Diane and Joseph Schuetz. 2018. Discovering World Religions. Kalamazoo: Western Michigan University._x000D_

buddhasim report