Business Policy & Stragies

MGMT 650 Case Study Each individual will write a case study on the current state of General Electric utilizing the topics discussed in class. It will be a 5-6 page paper (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1” margins with headings). This project needs to assess all of the concepts and theories covered in the class and analyze the organization in its current state. A minimum requirement of the paper is to: • Provide a brief summary, including current strategy, leadership, and culture • Provide a PESTEL (table and discussion), 5 Forces, and Core competencies examining the SWOTs of the organization • Discuss the generic strategy, VRIO, and culture and its alignment with the current strategy. • Using the measures discussed in class, evaluate GE’s innovation and corporate/ international strategy? Is it effective? • Based on the above evaluation, what should GE do? How can it generate innovation of new product and services? Use concepts discussed in class! How should they progress – discuss with a detailed SAFe analysis. At a minimum you must utilize and apply theory using the text, GE’s annual report, investor reports, articles, and outside research. You must read at least seven separate sources that provide enough detail to identify and provide detail regarding specific topics and relevant aspects of the situation. All sources, including any quotes, factual details about the company, or ideas acquired from the course’s assigned readings, should be clearly cited in the paper using APA format. This paper should flow, and as such, should use headings to direct your paper and be written in paragraph format. This is not a question-answer written case.