busn 470 response posts w6

– I will need 2 Response posts (only) to the 2 attached posts below. My original one will also be attached.

– 75-125 Words Each

– Supportive References


Study from this week:

Compose a post that integrates a complete Bible scripture verse and transcends all aspects of the following question(s) comprehensively and collectively as a single post.

  1. What is the value chain? How is it useful to strategy formulation? Explain
  2. List the types of alternatives that may be generated from a SW/OT matrix? Explain the rationale for each of the alternatives.
  • Supporting your argument (intext citing shows this)
  • When all is done, give a brief conclusion
  • a reference at the end
  • Strategic Management: Theory and Practice, 5th Edition, (Solon, OH: Academic Media Solutions, 2017) John A. Parnell (Online eTextbook Access Card: ISBN 978-1-942-04128-3)
  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap–and Others Don’t, 1st Edition, (New York, NY: Harper Business, 2001) James Collins (ISBN-13: 978-0066620992)

Read: Parnell Chapter 9

Collins Chapter 6

View Videos = Copy/Paste the URL unto your browser:

Erica Olsen discusses how to conduct a SWOT analysis. This site provides a detailed discussion of the SWOT framework.


Kim & Mauborgne discuss their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, an alternative perspective on strategy development.