Can Adam Smith’s works offer contemporary firms any useful ethical guidance?discuss

This Research Paper is for BUSINESS AND ETHICS. Choose any one from below: 1. Can Adam Smith’s works offer contemporary firms any useful ethical guidance? 2. Does Rawls’ Theory of Justice sufficiently demonstrate that utilitarianism is deeply flawed? In your view, which provides the more attractive ethical framework for firms? 3. Andrew Carnegie’s writings on the Gospel of Wealth offer present-day wealthy individuals guidance on the accompanying responsibilities of wealth creation. Please discuss. 4. The ethical consumer is fictitious, as those who claim to be ethically concerned do not ˜walk the talk’. Please discuss. The assignment topics assess the following Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) listed on page 2, above: Assignment Number Intended Learning Outcomes 1 1, 3, 5 2 2, 3, 5 3 3, 4, 5 4 3, 5 Intended Learning Outcomes The aims of the course will be achieved when the following intended learning outcomes have been satisfied, where a student is able to: 1. Define meanings of ethics and morals in the context of business and management 2. Identify the principal competing ethical approaches in contemporary capitalist relations 3. Demonstrate the importance of ethical considerations of business and commercial activities 4. Analyse and critique notions of corporate social responsibility and accountability 5. Critically examine the relationships between business and wider society in contemporary capitalism

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